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currently in my setup i have postfix, dspam and clamav configured. Everything works perfectly. The only thing is when dspam detected an email as SPAM mail, in postfix mail.log there is no such message/warn/notification about it, the only thing that shows is (delivered via dspam service).

and i need to tail/open dspam system.log in order to know that the email actually been classfied/tagged as spam by dspam.

is there any way that i can automatically add this infomation in postfix mail.log?

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Get dspam to write a message to the syslog mail facility; that'll drop it into mail.log.

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the dspam system.log file contains information for the web UI - the closest you can get with syslog information AFAIK is to use the TrackSources parameter in dspam.conf:

TrackSources spam nonspam

(spam|nonspam|virus) are supported in newer versions I believe.


Feb 26 03:47:00 dspam[]: spam detected from Feb 26 03:47:22 dspam[]: innocent message from

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