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Is it possible to connect 60 user to internet using wireless router while having 3MB ADSL Line.

What the speed of internet the user will receive ?

if yes which router (Model ) will support this feature.


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Essentially, yes. Speed is dependent upon activity.


With 60 users connecting to a traditional SoHo wireless access point, I would expect to see users deauthenticating randomly from the WAP well before 60 clients is reached. Looking at traditional 802.11g, the single radio in the WAP is capable of a theoretical 54mbps in toto and not per user. And as most users know, that 54mbps is rarely reached in practical application. Included within that rate is signalling overhead, roughly 20-25% of your bandwidth. 54mbps/60users*0.8percent is roughly 720kbps, certainly enough bandwidth for simple browsing, but not much more. And yes, it is true that clients not using their share open it up for other users, but the majority of personal computers today run all kinds of background data transfers, from update requests, to mail checking, to IM keepalives. And this is not even broaching the subject of WAP client management and connection tracking. I believe that your 3mbps DSL line is the least of your worries when attempting to connect 60 clients. My answer is no.

Also, if you DO get all those clients connected, for heaven's sake don't microwave a burrito!


This may not be the best place for this question, but... Although 60 clients simultaneously connected seems like a lot, this is possible with most wireless routers. I always recommend the Linksys WRT54G running the DDWRT firmware.

As for bandwidth, this will depend on usage. If you have a 3mb line and 60 users are downloading large files, bandwidth may be pitiful at best, but for average web-browsing I imagine the speed would be tolerable.


Although my 802.11N AP says it operates on up to 250 mbps, actual download speed is not more than 3 MiB/s. With 3 clients playing UnrealTournament 2004 via WLAN they have some lags. I'm not sure why this happens, so i guess 60 clients will complain networking is next to impossible.

UPD: My AP is ASUS WL500W, signal strength is >80%


Keep in mind that some routers do limit the number of wireless client connections to something like 16/20 only. However, this is a firmware limit and you should be okay using a free firmware like dd-wrt and friends.

As for the actual bandwidth, it is dependent on load. If 59 clients are sleeping and only 1 is active, that person can have all 3Megs. However, if you are looking to limit the client bandwidth, you will need to figure out how cap the bandwidth and connections.