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I need a way of verifing the state of some VHD test environments. I am thinking I could generate SHA or MD5 hashes.

How can you generate SHA hashes for large files, some of these VHDs are more than 10GB.

Ideally I would prefer a script solution in Powershell, Python or something wscript will run.


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similar q-n I've come up with: – poige Jun 26 at 16:57
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You didn't say, if you have tried any of existing tools - and if they didn't suit for some purpose.

I would start with downloading any of a number of command-line SHA generator tools and work from there; check, eg, both for generation and checking.

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Some broken download links on that site, but some work. This tool is fine for me, thanks. – tarn Sep 9 '09 at 6:09

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