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I am trying to configure asterisk PBX behind my FreeBSD router. To allow other sip clients to call I need to forward ports to my local network asterisk machine. I did it for 5060 and 5061 ports using ipnat and configuring ipnat.rules

rdr fxp0 217.199.MYIP.MYIP/32 port 5061 -> port 5061 udp

But I do not know how I can redirect UDP port range from 60000 to 610000 and also port range UDP Port 10000 - 20000

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With PF, you could do it with variables.

myports = "{ 22 25 2022 2222 8000 }" rdr on $ext_if proto udp from any to $ext_if port $myports ->

...or something.

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Probably this will work but how then I can fill my variable with 10000 values – adopilot Sep 10 '09 at 9:09
I think you can make a range with a colon, 80:90 would be 80 through 90 for example. It should be in the pf.conf manpage. – Zimmy-DUB-Zongy-Zong-DUBBY Sep 10 '09 at 13:35
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Ill answer in to my question regard to others if will have similar problems

rdr fxp0 217.199.MYIP.MYIP/32 port 60000-61000 -> port 60000 udp

Trick in the minus sing (-) where you can set range of ports,

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You could also do: rdr fxp0 0/32 port 60000-61000 -> port 60000 udp Wondering though why you want to do this, as this will shovel any connection inbound on fxp0 between 60000 an 61000 to port 60000 on - which I think is your asterisk machine. You would be better off looking for a SIP Proxy to run on your FreeBSD machine that would intelligently open the media ports for your SIP connection - aas that is what you seem to want to be doing here? Have a look at – ColtonCat Sep 11 '09 at 23:48
@ColtonCat I will try to install SER , Yes my asterisk machine is on 1.7 ip address and I did forwarding according to If you can please repeat your comment as an answer so I can accept it as correct, And I if you can give me some basic points how I should configure SIP proxy and which mode to use in SER. Thank you in advance. – adopilot Sep 12 '09 at 7:00

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