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A friend came to me with an Ubuntu question I didn't have a quick one-off answer for, so I present it to SF: How can I list all the packages available from a given apt repository? Example, all the packages in the Canonical partners repo.

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download the Packages file(s) and pipe it/them through something like:

bzcat Packages.bz2 | egrep '^($|Package:|Version:)'

or, if a simple grep isn't good enough, use grep-dctrl to extract the info you need from the downloaded Packages files.

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Here's an ugly solution, but its advantage is that it allows you to browse the repository using your favorite tools (aptitude, Synaptic, etc):

  • Make a backup copy of /etc/apt/sources.list;
  • Edit the original sources.list and comment out all the repositories except the one you want to browse;
  • Run your tool's update function and browse away;
  • When done, copy your sources.list.backup over the modified original, and re-run your tool's update function.
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