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Can anyone tell me how I can tweak the following top command so that it always runs in Solaris mode in a batch mode operation?

top -d 3 -n 2 -b -p <PID>

I need 'top' to output a process' CPU usage that had already been divided by the total number of CPUs, and as far as I know, that can be achieved with the 'I' toggle (Irix mode), but it only seems to be available in interactive operation (not in batch operation).

So I was wondering if this is indeed the case, or does anyone know any workaround for what I intended to achieve?


PS. OS: RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.

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By the way, it's Irix or Solaris mode. – Dennis Williamson Sep 10 '09 at 1:41
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Put this in a file called $HOME/.toprc or edit the existing one so it has Mode_irixps=0 for off or Mode_irixps=1 for on:

    RCfile for "top with windows"  	# shameless braggin'
    Id:a, Mode_altscr=0, Mode_irixps=0, Delay_time=3.000, Curwin=0

Or you can set all your toggles, field selections and window settings in top the way you want them and press Shift +W to write the rc file for you.

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