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I have to use this pretty soon, and was wondering if there is an alternative to this. Preferably open source.

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There are quite a few alternatives, you should check out the following links to try to find one that is best suited for you:


I have tried MS Project (professional/sharepoint), dotProject, Trac and eGroupWare, but my favorite is probably Trac(http://trac.edgewall.org/).

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very helpful, thanks –  saint Sep 10 '09 at 10:12

this is quite neat too.


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Looks really nice. I like the gantt chart, but an online service is not enough for this situation. –  saint Sep 10 '09 at 15:50
yea that is pretty cool. I may have to check that out for my own stuff... but like saint said, not good enough for internal corporate stuff in my opinion. cool for personal stuff though. –  tcnolan Sep 10 '09 at 19:36

I'll toss in Redmine. It's very similiar to Trac but is more flexible, and supports multiple projects which with Trac is a hassle. I will also say customizing the Redmine back-end has been only slightly painless the authors do a very good job at organization and layout even on the backend.

http://www.redmine.org/ Also for Trac or Redmine you might check out http://bitnami.org/

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RationalPlan is a good alternative to MS Project and there is also available a Server version for it: http://www.rationalplan.com/server-project-management-software.php

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Right, i agree there are many alternatives for Ms project server in the market. A Project Server which allows to continue using Microsoft Project as project management tool of choice, while allowing teams to publish, execute and edit in real time might be a idle solution.

ValleySpeak Project Server is web based project management software which we have been using for last two years, the powerful collaborative features of this project server has really helped us complete our projects successful.


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http://triloggroup.com They have a product called ProjExec that provides a solid alternative as well.

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Here’s a Project Viewer that is the best. I use ValleySpeak Project Server http://www.valleyspeak.com This allows me to continue using Microsoft Project as my project management tool of choice, while give my team members a easy browser access to publish, execute and control projects in real time.

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