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I'm having the same problem as this guy. I own two domains hosted on google sites, mydomain.com and mydomain.net. When I go to mydomain.com, it redirects me to the site located at www.mydomain.com (this is the desired behavior). This used to also work on mydomain.net, but now when I go to mydomain.net, I get a Google 404. To see the content, I have to go to www.mydomain.net. As far as I can tell, the DNS settings and Google apps settings for both domains are identical. Does anybody have any idea about what could be happening?

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Google Apps requires you to have a primary domain name, but then they allow you to specify domain aliases. From the dashboard page, click Domain Names and add mydomain.net as an alias for mydomain.com and then I think Google will recognize the domain name for the redirect.

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Redirects are done by the web-server hosting the system. There is no magic redirect from mydomain.net to www.mydomain.net.

The correct way of gaining this behaviour is by running a small web-server or reverse proxy, that will then redirect all mydomain.net to www.mydomain.net either in a script or in the server configuration.

Since redirects are minor operations, you can exploit any service (free or paid). You could consider using a webhop service.

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A simple CNAME record could do.

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