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I'm looking for an open-source tool that is used to monitor releases of new versions of open-source software and is built using a plug-in architecture (one plug-in for each app that must be monitored).

This is a generic task, at least for package maintainers, so I believe there are such tools and I won't have to write something up myself.

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I've created a google account and added these tools' news feeds to Google Reader which displays RSS for me. For projects that does not have any RSS - you can create RSS feeds for project news in Yahoo! Pipes.

Also seek for tools that create RSS feed entries when page contents change.

Cheers! :)

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These guys have what you need.

The Ohloh API is a free, REST-based programming interface to the Ohloh open source directory. You can use the Ohloh API to create your own applications and web services based on Ohloh data.

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