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For some insane reason, the web development company that built out a website I inherited created a separate Joomla installation for each department in a company rather than set up a proper multi-user, multi-section website, and now I have over 45 duplicated site template folders on an Apache server.

I would like to (for the short term) have one template folder with symlinks from all the other locations, so I can at least get that template under control (later I'll be working on rejigging the site and combining databases/users into one)... is this possible? If someone visits, would they be able to get the template from elsewhere on the server through a symlink?

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You'll want to add the following to httpd.conf where you set up the directory:

Options +Followsymlinks
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I will try this on one of the sites and see how it works - thanks! – geerlingguy Sep 11 '09 at 19:19

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