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I have a bunch of new users to deploy on our system, and as a part of the initial login I want to give them an opportunity to reset their password. How can I best do this so that we don't have to instruct them specifically to do so?

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How many users? Where are the passwords stored? How are the passwords distributed?

If you're just creating them in /etc/passwd you can use passwd --expire.

   The options which apply to the passwd command...

   -e, --expire
       Immediately expire an account´s password. This in effect can force
       a user to change his/her password at the user´s next login.
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We created them in /etc/passwd for 100 users. All users are given the same password, and the users are told their username and password orally. – lfaraone Sep 11 '09 at 17:51
In a for loop. – Dennis Williamson Sep 11 '09 at 19:24

You could use chage to set a users account so it will expire. I haven't tested but gdm is supposed to notify the user to change their password.

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looking to man page of chage - change user password expiry information it has example!

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