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How to disasble the auto login for Windows shared drives.

My requirement is that I have to use multiple user names for the same shared drive. Right now it is caching the logins and not allowing the others.

Thanks for the help.

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This is probably a question. – David Mackintosh Sep 12 '09 at 1:42
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You can try using alternative names, including the IP addresses, for some of your credentials.

Windows is smart: it doesn't want you accessing the same server with different credentials, because that complicates keeping track of what connections have what credentials. Fortunately, Windows is stupid: it keeps track of this by server name.

So if your server has two or more names, you can use more than one set of credentials with it, concurrently.

Example: suppose you have a server named 'server'. If it has a second name, like "fileserver", you can have concurrent connections as:

net use \\server\fileshare /username:domain\user1
net use \\fileserver\fileshare /username:domain\user2

You can also use the IP address of the server for a third set of credentials:

net use \\a.b.c.d\fileshare /username:domain\user3
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Perhaps mention net use /delete as well to remove the "cache" and get to reauthenticate – Oskar Duveborn Sep 12 '09 at 1:49
I have used names and IP's for a similar setup. I have also used the command NET USE \\servername /delete in a batch file when needed to delete permissions. It isnt ideal, but it worked for me. – cop1152 Sep 27 '09 at 13:53

You can only establish one session per server, so only one user name can access a server at any one time from the same machine.


  • SUCCESS: net use \server1\fileshare1 /user:domain\user1 /p:n
  • SUCCESS: net use \server2\fileshare1 /user:domain\user2 /p:n
  • FAILURE: net use \server1\fileshare2 /user:domain\user2 /p:n
    [user1 is already connected to server1; disconnect the session for user1 if you want user2 to have access].

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