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I recently added a new subnet of servers in a remote site and tried to add a VPN tunnel to access them. The VPN connection was previously in use and is working for some of the routes but not all. I have Watchguard x5500 at both sites.

The Office -> Remote DC looks like: <==> <==> <==> 192.168.10/24

The Remote -> Office lookls like: <==> <==> 192.168.10/24 <==>

The 10.0.x.x/x routes are working correctly. The new subnet (which works fine locally) does not connect. I cannot ping or talk to those servers in anyway.

Anyone know a good way to troubleshoot BOVPN tunnels for Watchguard?

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Turns out you have to be very careful with VPN IP addresses. We had an old setting for a VPN to a network that previously used that subnet. Once that old setting was removed and only the new VPN claimed that range, it connected.

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