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I am using XAMPP for Windows, and I have enabled Mercury Mail Server. I am really only doing this because I need an SMTP server for sending mail; I don't need to receive any mail or use any POP3 accounts. In the XAMPP Security Panel, I get the following error:

The test user (newuser) for Mercury Mail server (POP3) has an old password (wampp) Please check and perhaps edit all users and passwords in the the Mercury Mail server configuration!

How do I do this? I really just want to disable POP3 altogether, or maybe just remove all POP3 users. I have searched Google and I have searched the XAMPP forums, but I can't seem to find how to do this. The XAMPP Control Panel has a button to go to administration of Mercury Mail Server, but it does nothing! The XAMPP security page even tells me:

For FileZilla FTP und Mercury Mail, you must fix all security problems by yourself! Sorry.

So I'm turning to SF for help. :)

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Well I figured out a solution after some digging around. If anyone knows whether or not this is the best way of doing this, please let me know.

In C:\xampp\MercuryMail\MAIL, there is a folder for each user. If you want to change the user's password, just edit the PASSWD.PM file in their directory. To delete a user, delete their directory, then edit PMAIL.USR (in the MAIL directory) and remove that user's line. Restart the Mercury Mail service after making changes.

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