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I'm running VirtualBox on an XP host and I have installed FreeBSD 7.2 using xfce as my window manager. Everything works fine except for the monitor resolution. I can only access the old standard ones: 640 x 480 -- 1600 x 1200. The problem is I'd like to run VirtualBox as full screen on a 1680 x 1050 res monitor. I've tried the following

  1. VirtualManage.exe setextradata BSD7.2-Mk2 GUI/MaxGuestResolution 1680x1050x24 (along with several other variants in resolution and bit-depth.
  2. Editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf under the Screen section with Modes "1680x1050" (along with variants).

I can't seem to make this work and I can't tell whether it is a limitation in VirtualBox, FreeBSD, X, xfce or a combination.

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I have the wrong VirtualBox command line expression. Running the following in a terminal:

VirtualManage.exe setextradata BSD7.2-Mk2 CustomVideoMode1 1680x1050x16

and then making the appropriate entries in xorg.conf works. Unfortunately, it only works in 16-bit mode; 24-bit doesn't work.

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Have you tried installing Guest Additions? From your VM, mount the ISO and run the script that corresponds to your OS.

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There are no Guest Additions for FreeBSD – gvkv Sep 16 '09 at 0:36

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