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A client of mine has installed a simple server configuration onto his office PC. It all works (PHP & MySQL) but something is going on with sessions.

If I have login window as a separate popup (on any browser), the session keys generated in the window don't go to the opener - even if I send session id to it on the address bar.

The same login system works on every other server (including my default WAMP installation) but the client's one.

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To the value 1 in the php.ini configuration file on the server, usually located in the PHP install directory. Then restart Apache.

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You will probably need to check the client web browser, did he use IE7/8 with Vista?

PHP Session normally needs cookie enable, if it's not enable then, you will not be able to login no matter how you pass the session id.

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Well, as I said it's not browsers fault. The same system works on other servers (using the same browser). – Allan Sep 16 '09 at 13:36

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