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how to allow a subnet to surf internet in Juniper and Cisco ASA

is there an configuration example to show allow a subnet of class C IP address to surf internet

in Juniper and in Cisco ASA ?

assume all works in GNS3, expect initial network setup too

        inside                                outside

router <--->switch <---> Juniper <----> ASA <---> switch <---> router

i do not know whether it is must to setup NAT in ASA

when i try the following command,

#conf t
#global (outside) 1 interface   <---------------- Error here, someone said it is old code
#nat (inside) 1 0 0

conf t
object network obj_any
nat (inside) dynamic interface <-----Error, when use new code error too, 

do not whether using inside or outside, i use inside which is like old code

expect to show verification test with packet tracer to show router can ping another router and show it can surf internet with port 80 and VPN with packet tracer too

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