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Our system is set up such that * goes to We automatically process email and it's easier/faster to connect to a single account that has all email rather than the hundreds we'd have otherwise.

But in some cases, there are other outside forwarders set up like -> ->

The middle address (named-email) is important for our processing because it defines what happens with any messages sent to it. But I'm not sure how to get this address.

  • To contains
  • Delivered-To contains

Is there some postfix option I can enable that enters the original address into a header? is the original address that the server is accepting, seems like there should be a way to save this in a header.

The reason for all of this is that users have their own address. Sometimes they want to use their own email addresses so they set up forwarders. But the important address seems lost when that happens.

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Postfix sets an X-Original-To: header to the original address. In this case it would contain

This header is controlled by the enable_original_recipient variable in your

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