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We have a purely internal DNS setup to resolve multiple nics for eash host, i.e. -

  • mailserver01-sm remote access and AD connectivity (service management)
  • mailserver01-data mail routing
  • mailserver01-bk backup connectivity

My question is this can I frig DNS by having sub domains of -sm, -data, & -bk under the FQDN ?

so that the following each appear under the relevant subdomains:-


instead of:-

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Having any part of an FQDN starting or ending with a hypen is not a supported configuration. You can create a zone starting or ending in -, but it's really not recommended.

Also, records within that zone (i.e. A or CNAME) that start with a - will not work with most DNS resolvers, as - is usually reserved for flags.

You can use _ however.

Refer to RFC 1035, section 2.3.1 (although it's been revised by RFC 1123 to permit starting with a digit rather than an alpha)

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