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I am using bind 9.6.1 and about 2 days ago I realized that there is a bug at bind for windows platform.

when server gets "UDP client handler shutting down due to fatal receive error: host unreachable" error. it stays alive but no response for after dns queries. then I need to restart it manually to make it responsive(I put a task for this issue from windows). I cant use microsoft windows dns server because I am using windows 2008 server web edition which does not include that.

so my question is what are the other solutions you use for dns server in windows ?

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is this an authoritative server or recursive only? – Alnitak Oct 6 '09 at 7:21
I dunno real difference. I just bought dedicated server and installed bind9 on it. and configure the domains and its working normally fine. but sometime it stops because of that udp stuff. – özkan pakdil Oct 10 '09 at 12:04

I have this EXACT same issue. It seems to be a known bug.

Not that I can find a fix anywhere. Suggestions are appreciated.

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I found patched 9.5.x version from securityfocus and tried that one too. but it did not solved the udp problem. so at the end I installed vmware and move all dns issues to solid rock debian installation. now there is no complain about dns and timeouts.

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