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How do I write the htaccess so that it will only require authentication when on, but not on (like by using some if-else clause)?

Background: I have a site running in two modes: The admin mode should be reached at something like, whereas the normal mode would be -- but both should point to the same directory & scripts within them (the scripts then turn on certain editing features by checking if the script is accessed from the admin subdomain).

Edit: I can now see this has been asked and answered at StackOverflow, though I can't get the top answer to work for me...

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  • that all the needed modules are installed
  • that all the directives can be used in .htaccess files.
  • The needed allowoverride settings are in the httpd.conf for the server to allow the use of .htaccess files
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Try setting up a virtual host for the admin interface and adding the authentication configuration to a Location section inside it. Or just configure it for the whole virtual host.

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