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My organisation is using Simply Accounting (S.A.) as the accounting system for a larger project. I see that it's using MySQL as its back-end database. I'd like to scrape some data out of the database directly instead of through S.A.'s interface.

Is there a way I can sniff out the Username and Password that S.A. is using? Alternately, how I could I add my own account to the database, and avoid the whole thing altogether?

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Got it... found here (now broken) or

I didn't find out how to sniff the username, but I did find out what it is and the rest of the connection info.

connection type: TCP
username:        sysadmin
password:                  ''// <-- default is blank 
database:        simply    
host:            myMachineName
port:            ######    ''// You can get this using the following procedure

1. Open Simply Accounting
2. Go to Help->About Simply Accounting [blah blah blah]
3. Click on "Support Info"
4. look in the top-right corner of the Support Info window, you will see a
   region labelled "Database Engine". The Port is listed at the bottom.

Scrape away.

Note, S.A. MUST BE OPEN for you to connect to it.

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In my case I needed to modify sysadmin permissions to allow 3rd party connections. I was able to do so by logging in as single user mode under the "Edit users..." (Using simply accounting 2011). – Patrick Forget Feb 7 '14 at 17:44
The link to the forum post is broken. I am trying to fix an issue a broken Simply DB. – Halsafar Mar 6 '15 at 15:58
Archive.Org's Wayback Machine is your friend for broken links.… I only included the link o credit the original source. – BIBD Mar 6 '15 at 17:29

You want to read this page about adding user accounts to MySQL. And then you want to add a user and grant them full rights on the S.A. database.

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If you can start/stop MySQL server of S.A. system, you can restart it with option --skip-grant-tables, connect with usual mysql client without knowing root password and create necessary users.

Don't forget to restart MySQL again without --skip-grant-tables to close your server from others.

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