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I have some defined CNAME sub-domains on my site:
I want to add * support and have all of those wildcard requests get handled by my main web server (the sub-domains reflect other data, like the logged in user's custom data.) If you have a *.site CNAME, will that work well with the more specific records?
What I want is to have my CNAME work according to the DNS record and then have the wildcard of all the other user specific sub-domains go to my main website, is that possible?

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The above question actually answers the question that this is ok and works fine.

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No, that question's answers do NOT answer this question. A CNAME record is not simply an alternative to an A record with the same IP address as a result, it is a name substitution. Using a CNAME where an additional A record can be used (i.e. where you control the canonical name and it has 1 long-term A record) should be avoided because the CNAME cannot co-exist with other record types for the same name, a fact that can have undesirable side-effects. – Bill Cole Mar 4 '13 at 23:34

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