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Is there any Windows software that will allow me to use the Macintosh AFP protocol to connect to a server?

I'm using Windows XP and Windows 7.

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You would probably be better off enabling SMB on your server from Server Admin; I think you'll find this easier to deal with than trying to get your Windows machines to use AFP.

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yes, but that decisions is out of my control. – kylex Sep 18 '09 at 6:02
plus you get strange problems with filenames and their lenght... – lepole Sep 20 '09 at 10:52

every windows server comes with an option to do mac fileshareing services. you would just have do add the coresponding windows system components (was still there in win2k3 - don´t know about 2008). there are 3rd party tools aswell. Extrem Z IP is one of them.

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There was an option in older forms of Windows until OS's made after 2008. I'm still searching too. I'll let you know if I find out how. My attempts to find a third party program have come up fruitless.

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