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I'd like to know if the following is easy/possible/recommended.

The version of Ubuntu I'm using (jaunty) has an out of date package that I need to upgrade: (it's at version 2.3).

A future version (karmic) has the new version: (version 2.5)

Is it possible to use apt-get to install the new version in a way that will work? Or is it simpler to just install from source?

As I understand it, if I install from source, then I'll be responsible for keeping it up to date, and apt-get update/upgrade won't do anything.

If I add the karmic universe repository to my package sources, what will happen? Will it affect any other installed packages or just the one I add? Will apt-get install libapache2-mod-wsgi get the right version? What happens if/when ubuntu update the jaunty package?

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You can use non-standard packages in Ubuntu. You have to take care of the dependency resolution yourself.

You can download the package from the link in your questions.

After you download, you can install with sudo dpkg -i or gdebi the gui .deb installer.

You may have to download additional a packages to resolve dependencies.

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This worked perfectly for mod_wsgi. No dependencies have changed. I guess I'll find out if updates work eventually. – Tom Sep 19 '09 at 0:47

One uses "apt pinning" to do this. An example is given here, you'll have to review the man page and adjust this to your needs.

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