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I need a small postscript file that causes a printer error to test an application I'm writing to help manage printer queues. Rather than experiment with various combinations of postscript code to create one, I thought I'd ask if anyone has such a sample available. I've googled to no avail and am turning to the ServerFault community as a last resort before I begin experimenting.

Also, it needs to error in such a way as to cause a printer error -- not be silently ignored.

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Here is a minimal PostScript file that SHOULD cause an error message '/undefined in SHOW_' or some such:

200 500 moveto
/Helvetica findfont 36 scalefont setfont
(Hello, world!) SHOW_

Here is a PostScript file that should NOT cause an error (since the case sensitivity error of above file is corrected):

200 500 moveto
/Helvetica findfont 36 scalefont setfont
(Hello, world!) show
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This will cause a job error, but will it cause the printer to error out? I need to get the printer into an error state. – tvanfosson Aug 1 '10 at 13:23
Define "printer error out". (There are thousands of printer models; and there are thousands of possible reasons to make each model error out. Which particular combination do you want?) – Kurt Pfeifle Aug 1 '10 at 22:04

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