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does anyone know of a web-based (ie flash, java, etc) jabber client that supports SSL connections, either via socket or http-bind? preferably http-bind, but ill take what i can get at this point.

ive tried jwchat and sparkweb, and neither of them seem to communicate properly.

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SparkWeb by default doesn't do SSL or TLS, but the Red5 version does support it. It's described here. You'll want to scroll down to the "TLS Support" section. The description talks about supporting SSL on the dedicated port 5223, as well as supporting it over HTTP-Bind on port 7443 with a plugin to Openfire. I don't know if the plain port 5223 support will work with a Jabber server other than OpenFire, though.

I haven't used the Red5 version, but I have used the stock version, and it works well enough. I don't think I'd want to use it as my day to day Jabber client, but in a pinch it does the job.

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i totally forgot about that, as it wasnt working for unencrypted access (i think now due to a config issue). thanks for reminding me. – Devnull Sep 18 '09 at 21:05

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