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How do I go about exporting SQL Server 2005 tables to a fixed length field text file, with one record per line? SQL seems to think fixed length is the only way to delimit records, i.e. fieldLen1 + fieldLen2 + ... + fieldLenN = recLen. I can't find any way of delimiting each record with a newline.

Also, when I tried the wizard from a normal DB engine connection, it puked on a column name called "ShortLocation". I fail to see what could be difficult about writing that out to a text file, but I gave up on the wizard and am trying a SSIS package, but as soon as I make the format "Fixed Width" I lose the row delimiter option.

Surely my requirement is not that unheard of?

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Try the 'ragged right' option mentioned here :

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Thanks, that works. – ProfK Sep 19 '09 at 7:58

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