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I'm using the Windows 7 evaluation version, and I just setup the IIS7 Server by going into the Add/Remove Programs section and adding IIS. I'm trying to play with ASP a little bit and learn about it, but when I go to edit any of the files in the Inetpub/wwwroot directory, I can't edit anything because I do not have permission.

Also, I can access the IIS Manager but I'm not sure how to add myself as a user, correctly, so I can start editing and creating files. Thank you in advance.

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not sure if this works in iis7 vs iis6 but windows explorer is where you need to go in and add the user to have permission to the wwwroot folder.

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haha, yeah, I just found that information on a website a little bit ago. I have it working now. Thank you though. – willbeeler Sep 19 '09 at 23:50

Ok, for anyone that needs to know. Here's the answer:

You have to do folder sharing through the properties dialog for the wwwroot folder in Windows 7 RC. It worked for me right after that. That's it. Thanks everyone.

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