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I've registered www.❺➠.ws, which goes to the same IP as

curl www.❺➠.ws

returns the homepage of No problem. I modify apache to use name-based virtual hosts as follows:

DocumentRoot /home/foo/

(the is the punycode version, and my understand is that is how you set up apache for IDNs)

Both Firefox and Safari successfully find the new homepage I have configured.

However, curl is not working quite right. curl www.❺➠.ws still returns the homepage, while curl returns the www.❺➠.ws hompage.

I tried using -H "Host: www.❺➠.ws" to see if setting that header explicitly was required, but it seems not.

I'm running curl on OS X and pasting those characters into the

My main concern is that I've properly set up Apache to correctly route requests to www.❺➠.ws to the right place (i.e. not to

Any curl experts have some suggestions on how to diagnose this?

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I get the site when I go to www.❺➠.ws or in Chrome. If I leave off the www, I get the ❺➠.ws site.

You need to add the case for www:

DocumentRoot /home/foo/
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I'm seeing the same results here. – Unkwntech Sep 21 '09 at 2:25
I made that change (which makes sense, and I should've), however curl still finds, when I do curl ❺➠.ws it doesn't work, still. If I set the "HOST" header to www.❺➠.ws, no dice, but setting the HOST header to the punyname works. Is this expected? I guess headers probably can't/shouldn't contain unicode? – davetron5000 Sep 21 '09 at 14:19
I just went to www.❺➠.ws in Chrome and got the naildrivin5 site. When I cleared the cache (Ctrl-F5), it loaded the www.❺➠.ws site. I have been unable to locate information on clearing curl's cache. Also, curl retrieves the www.❺➠.ws page for me as expected with or without the www. Unfortunately, I didn't test that before you added the ServerAlias. You might try setting CacheDisable temporarily in your VirtualHost configuration to see if that helps. – Dennis Williamson Sep 21 '09 at 16:32
Well, that didn't do anything. I think I'm gonna mark this as correct, since, if I set the Host header in curl to the punycodename, all is good. – davetron5000 Sep 21 '09 at 19:35

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