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I'm trying to install the MySQLdb Python package on my CentOS 5.1 machine, without success.

At first I tried using easy_install, but the version it installed was 1.2.1, which was too old for Django, which required 1.2.1p2 at the very least.

So I went to download the source from the SourceForge project site. I put the archive on my desktop and extracted to a folder there. Then I installed according to the instructions, with build and install. This seemed to work at first, but a perverse thing happened: It uses the folder on the desktop when working with the package! I know because I tried importing the package with Python, and it gave me some warning mentioning the path on my desktop!

What's going on here and what can I do?

(Note: The Python version installed here is 2.4)

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Got it, one needs to do easy_install mysql-python instead of easy_install mysql_python.

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Good grief. I had to look at your answer twice just to see the difference. Glad you caught it. – Clinton Blackmore Oct 21 '09 at 14:15

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