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I've just implemented this site. I'm trying to get Google Custom Search to work for my site but am coming up short. I've done a couple of things:

The only thing I've gotten to work is the second bullet above. You'll see if you use the search bar included in the footer of the site. I'd like to avoid explicitly indexing each and every page if I can. Besides, I wouldn't want to remember to manually re-index after every update.

What am I doing wrong?

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Submitting a site to Google for indexing doesn't guarantee it will happen immediately.

The sitemap aspect should speed-up the indexing time, but it's still up to them how/when they do.

One way to help bump your site up in the indexing queue, from what I understand, is to make sure that a) it has legitimate content, and b) that content is being updated somewhat frequently.

If new items are published via RSS, it seems to help, too.

Have you put a robots.txt in place?

Ultimately, though, it's up to the indexer when and how often it gets indexed.

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