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I have a custom Python package which we are installing to several Windows platforms (XP, 2003, 2008). During setup, this command is run which registers a service:

python.exe setup.py install

What is the correct way to remove services created this way? I know that I can use sc.exe but should be a last resort.

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First, There should be no problem in removing the service with sc.

Also, Check in the add remove programs. Most packages that install in this way put entry in the add/remove programs in control panel.

Run the python.exe setup.py --help and see the output. or even just python.exe setup.py without any parameters. Most packeges will print uninstall information.

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Have a look inside setup.py, there might be a listing of verbs, one of which can be "uninstall" or "remove"

python code is extremely easy to read

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Removing services using sc.exe is perfectly fine and supported.

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