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Thanks in advance. I am getting really nervous when I press Tab twice and screen is blinking(goes to opposite color and returns back).

I have tried to change set .Xdefaults file "XTerm*visualBell: False" but couldn’t get rid of this. Have killed VNC process and re-created but still doesn't work! :(

Anyone please help me!!! :)

Thanks in advance.

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I have found the problem: in my home directory there wan another .Xresources file in which it was written

XTerm*visualBell: True

So Xterm was initializing from not .Xdefaults but from .Xresources! Anyway thanks!

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To disable it on a single xterm: Control middle-click on the xterm, and unselect 'Enable Visual Bell'

The default (according to the manpage) setting for the visual bell is off, so it must be getting turned on somewhere.


xrdb -query |grep -i ^xterm

And see if the visualBell resource is set.

To disable it for your current session, run:

echo 'xterm*visualBell: false' | xrdb -merge
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Are you using xterm or gnome-terminal?

If the latter, the instructions here show how to turn on the visual bell. I've copied and reversed the instructions so you can turn it off:

  • Be sure gnome-terminal has the bell enabled: In the Gnome Terminal menu: Edit > Profile Preferences > Terminal Bell must be checked. Pressing backspace at a prompt should cause an annoying audible beep.
  • Turn on window flashing: In the Gnome menu: System > Preferences > Sound, click on the Sounds tab, Change the "Visual alert" setting to "Disabled."
  • Enable the audible bell. In the same panel, check the "Play alert sound" check box.

Or you could edit the file ~/.gconf/apps/metacity/general/%gconf.xml and change this line so that it has "true" in it (yes, "true" for "off") as shown:

<entry name="visual_bell" mtime="1253605354" type="bool" value="true"/>

Also, as a workaround, in csh you can:

set nobeep
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what about

xset b off


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A quick and easy way I do it:

rmmod pcspkr
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set bell-style none
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doesn't work! BTW I am using csh via VNC. – Narek Sep 22 '09 at 6:33

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