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What software is out there that allows a mouse and keyboard to be shared between 2+ networked computers?

I know about Synergy, but what are the alternatives? Which do you like the best?

I'm personally most interested in something compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows, but software that is limited to certain platforms is still of interest, so please mention it.

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I've tried some, but was never more satisfied as with Synergy

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Teleport is a free software for Mac OSX:

It isn't compatible with Windows though. It works only between Macs.

Multiplicity for Windows:

From the Wikipedia article:

Multiplicity comes in two versions, the standard Multiplicity and Multiplicity Pro. The standard version has all the above features, including the ability to copy and paste images and text between computers. The Pro version also allows the user to control up to six client computers as well as the ability to copy and paste files, folders, and other data between machines.

(...) A Mac OS X client is in development, due in part to the popularity of the Mac mini. A Linux client is reportedly planned, but has not yet been developed.

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Input director is pretty good

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I have had success using Remote desktop for windows machines, any VNC client can be used quite easily for linux / unix machines however if you want distinct sessions for users XManager works really well (although is not OSS)

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XMing works well if you are connecting to any XWindows system from MS Windows.

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