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I am in need of a thunderbird msi (Microsoft Installer) package which can be deployed via group policies using Microsoft ActiveDirectory.

I am very pleased with the Firefox packaged provided by FrontMotion but unfortunately they do not have packages for Thunderbird. sob sob

I guess, I could try to do the packaging myself, or do all of the installations by hand :(

I did some searches and found very outdated packages by ZettaServe, but no current releases, yet.. Anyone using .msi packaged Thunderbird installations? If you have msi packages, where did you get them from?

regards, Comradin

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I'm not aware of a .msi for Thunderbird, but rather than installing by hand, you could roll out WPKG via AD, then use it to roll out Thunderbird.

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Thanks for pointing me towards this project, I did not know this. Ill have a look at it this afternoon, but it sounds very promising. – Comradin Sep 24 '09 at 10:36

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