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I am trying to use xinetd (or inetd) with netcat to act as a TCP proxy. This setup works on Linux without issue.

Under Cygwin, either as a service or from the a Cygwin command line, the (x)inetd fails to open netcat, with the error "no such file or directory".

I have tried specifying /usr/bin/nc, /usr/bin/nc.exe, /cygdrive/d/cygwin/usr/bin/nc.exe, d:\cygwin\bin\nc.exe, and a TON of other combinations of forward flashes, backslashes, Windows paths and Cygwin paths. No matter what, I get errno 2, no such file or dir.

Any ideas? I need this working ASAP.

Edit: I thought it may have to do with it being in d:\cygwin (lame hardcoding?) but I tested it on a machine with cygwin on C:\, problem exists there too.

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