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I'd like to create a shortcut that I can put on my quick-launch bar that opens to C: or My Computer. What is the correct way to do this in Windows Server 2008?


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Right click the desktop, select New> Shortcut, type "explorer.exe c:" (without the quotes) in the location box (or browse to the C: drive), click next, type a name or leave it as is, click finish, drag the shortcut to your taskbar.

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Bah! You get all the easy ones. =) –  Wesley Sep 23 '09 at 21:08
I won't deny it... –  joeqwerty Sep 23 '09 at 21:15
Thanks for the answer! Here's a similar question, with a twist: serverfault.com/questions/68575/… –  George W Bush Sep 24 '09 at 22:46

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