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There are other variations of this question on SO, but none that cover our exact situation.

Current situation:

  • We have TFS 2008 on a stand alone server.
  • We have created local user accounts to login to TFS.
  • We use TFS for source control, task assignment and bug tracking.
  • We use a modified version of a scrum template.

We now want to move TFS to a server in a domain.

Questions are:

  • From what I have read the TFS Migration Tool does not work between domains. Is this correct?
  • Can we backup TFS from the existing server at restore it to the other?
  • What will happen to all the items that are connected to users?
  • What do the developers need to do on their machines to start getting code from the new server? (We have previously had problems that we cannot get latest to a location because it is being used by a different workspace)



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This might be helpful ... Click

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Thanks for the answer, we ended up just moving the scrum template and the source code without the history. – Shiraz Bhaiji Jan 22 '10 at 20:12

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