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When I try to launch a exe file, I get the following error message:

Windows cannot open this file

Also, Windows Explorer is unable to recognize the file type for any kind of file extension.

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Short answer: it's f--ked.

(Slightly) long(er) answer: sounds like something as described here is happening. Try the fix described on that link: it's for XP but should also work on 2003.

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It sounds very much like the Swen virus. If that is the case, go here: and download the VBS script that will change the defaults back.

NOTE: I can't guarantee whether or not this will help so don't blindly run the script. Be sure and have a backup of the server first.

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Also, if you do happen to find a virus, it's really time for a wipe/reinstall. Never trust a system that has been infected, especially a server. Back up that thing and start fresh.

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