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Are POST variables accessible to mod_rewrite? I am trying to determine whether or not it is possible to perform a redirect with Apache2.2 and mod_rewrite where the rewrite rule considers the POST variables associated with a request, and uses these values to inform the final destination.

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One of the reasons we have HTTP-POST is to keep application data out of the URL. So using something that by its definition reformats URLs to try to access that data won't work.

mod_rewrite is for turning


So the user doesn't have to hurt their eyes on an ugly URL. Other uses here: Apache Mod Rewrite Guide

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thanks. im actually trying to make a high level decision about where to send the request, based on the content of the post data, but i guess this is not the way to do it. – e7zkw9120 Sep 26 '09 at 13:17
If you have your heart set on routing traffic based on form input, you can use javascript to change the client-side form elements action property on submit. I recommend against this, as it goes against what I mentioned in my first answer. It just makes the most sense to handle an HTTP POST request on the server. – bpoetz Sep 27 '09 at 15:00

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