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Is it possible to setup DNS server (Win2k8) thus the same DNS name (an A record) is being resolved to different IPs depending on some option.

E.g. for clients from to, for clients from internet - to some inet IP?

P.S. As far as I know such approach name on BIND is 'views'

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Windows Server DNS does not have views. It is recommended that you set up separate hardware to cover the private and the public sides.

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Yes, in BIND this is indeed called "views".

I honestly don't know whether Microsoft's DNS server can do it. BIND runs quite happily on Windows systems these days, though.

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If setting up BIND on your Windows box, or having two separate machines is too much effort/cost - you may want to consider destination NATing the internal machines using iptables or similar. The beauty of this type of solution is if you already have a *nix firewall in place (and you really should have a *nix firewall in place ;) ), no extra machine would be required... More info:

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