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I have a client that wants to host their site with a "green" hosting service. I am building the site with ASP.NET MVC and SqlExpress. I've looked around and found a few wind-power solutions, etc, but they all support PHP/MySql or other non-M$ frameworks.

Has anyone found a green host that they like working with? Thanks for any help.

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Likely you'll have to determine where in the world their datacenter(s) are. Consider that some areas of the world burn coal, whereas some others use hydro generated electricity.


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Are we allowed to promote our own companies? My company uses solar power. But our data centers don't run 100% off of them. Does that count?

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Any new ideas on this, looking for a "GREEN" host. I see a lot of 100% wind powered or some other alternative energy hosts, but nothing that supports .NET and SQL Server 2005/2008.

Anyone have any fresh input on this?

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I'm looking for the same thing - here is what I've found so far:

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Greenqloud offers geothermal-powered (e.g. no carbon offsets but true renewable energy), Amazon EC3 & S3 compatible cloud computing services with competitive pricing. Windows hosts also available.

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