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We're running an Exchange 2003 Server with Outlook 2007 clients. One of the users does not have the Out of Office assistant on their Tools menu. If I access his account via webmail, I can set his out of office message and status there, but would still love to know why it might be missing and how to get it back on the tools menu

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Try checking Help > Disabled Items , and if the Out Of Office Assistant is in the list, enable it.

Also try looking at Tools > Trust Center > Add-ins

at the bottom of the screen choose Manage 'Exchange Client Extensions' and click 'Go'. Make sure that 'Exchange Extensions commands' and 'Exchange Extensions property pages' are ticked.

If not, try running Help > Office Diagnostics

If your outex2.ecf file is missing Office Diagnostics should offer to reinstall it.

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Thanks very much. What worked in my case was to run the Office Diagnostics and then installing the add in again. – Istari Sep 29 '09 at 12:19

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