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I'm running VMWare Fusion on my Mac, and just created a new VM for CentOS 5.3. I have pre-allocated 20GB of space for this VM.

Here are the / and /home mounts on my machine. There are others but they should be inconsequential.

[root@localhost ~]# df -h
Filesystem  Size  Used  Avail  Use%  Mounted on
/dev/sda2   3.8G  3.8G      0  100%  /
/dev/sda5   9.8G  1.1G   8.2G   12%  /home

I want to resize the /home partition to ~4GB, and resize the / partition to ~10GB. How would I go about this? Are there any limitations as a result of the fact that I'm running this on a VM?

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I do not have experience with VMWare Fusion in particular, but with other VMs I have run the process to expand a partition is much the same as a physical system. After you shut down the VM and increase the "physical" hard drive space on the VM, boot with Parted Magic or other partition growing boot disk of choice, and resize the partitions to the sizes you want.

Boot back normally into the VM and you are done.

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Thanks, I used Parted Magic and it worked well. – lupefiasco Sep 30 '09 at 2:14

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