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If i have a one processor license for ms sql 2008 can i just click to turn on the other processor in the event i buy another license?

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By default, SQL Server 2008 sets the max degree of parallelism to '0' which is basically use all available processors for processing. I don't think that SQL Server licensing does any checking to see if you only have a one-processor license on a > 1 proc server. You could also set max degree of parallelism to '1' in a multi-proc server and still fall within the licensing guidelines.

It's my understanding that it's the honor system with regard to the licensing.

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so its similar to sql 2000, thanks – Brandon Grossutti Sep 29 '09 at 21:51
and I believe is physical processor, not the amount of cores – Wayne Sep 29 '09 at 23:45

That won't cut it. You have to remove the extra processor from the server to be legit. Having the processor in the server, even if not using it requires a license.

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