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I'm trying to install tablesnap in my Cassandra servers, following what I have found in the Jeremy Grosser's Github repo tablesnap but I am not able to do it.

I'm not a system administrator and I'm sure this is related with my ignorance but I have followed the instructions of the "Installation" section and nothing happens. Later I have tried with aptitude install tablesnap and it tries to install but I receive a message telling that the package has unmet dependencies:

 tablesnap: Depends: python2.6 which is a virtual package.
            Depends: python-pyinotify but it is not going to be installed.

The unique option later is to keep the package at its current version, thus, not installed. I have checked that I have installed python2.7 and pyinotify is also installed. Does anyone know what can I do to solve this?

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In case someone finds it useful:

An easy way to solve this is to follow the alternative way Jeremy Grosser offers in Github: copy the code in a file in some folder and execute it from that folder.

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