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I currently have xampp running on my ubuntu server. I tried a variety of things including installing, postfix+dovecot+roundcube+postfixadmin (postfix+dovecot work I think, postfix admin also works, roundcube works and connects to dovecot but i cant create user accounts, or figure out how that works), citadel (it installed, but I have no idea how to make it work with xampp for webmail) and i tried messing with exim and vexim a bit also. In short I feel like this should be a lot easier, and I can't figure it out haha.

XAMPP works fine. I got my server running with everything. I was thinking about mercury mail, but I need a webmail solution also. I was thinking about google apps, but 50 bucks a year per user is a steep change from free.

Thanks for the help!

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I didn't even know there was a XAMPP release for Linux. You see, an ubuntu LAMP server nowadays can get installed out of the box without touching a .conf file.

For the mail server stack, by far the best resource i am aware of on the internet is

I have followed the aforementioned howto and then installed horde3 for webmail 3 times already in two different data-centers

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Old topic, but lately, I realized (at least for sending mail) using sendmail is a pretty good solution. I also use gmail for actually email accounts. This seems to work nicely.

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