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Can I delete this file or recreate it with a size limit?


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You did not say which version of Oracle you are using. The most common way of doing this is to drop the temporary tablespace and re-create it. If it is the default temporay tablespace, you need to do this when no users are logged in, like during a maintenance window. Older versions will require you to create a new temporary tablespace, make it the default, and then drop the one you currently have. From 9i on you do not need to do this. I will assume 9i onward - do the following:

alter database tempfile '//temp01.dbf' drop including datafiles;

alter database temp add tempfile '//temp01.dbf' size 500m autoextend on next 250m maxsize 2048m;

Of course you should put in size values that are appropriate for your installation.

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