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Basically how do I manage the task mentioned in the Title?

Problem is: I am trying to administrate a SharePoint Portal (MOSS) and a user has been deleted (deactivated from AD)

Now we got an e-mail stating that "My Site" for this user is marked for deletion (I don't know when) and since there's critical information in that site (a subsite) I would like to stop the deletion process or at least move the subsite WITHOUT losing any versioning information - is that possible?

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Here is some information on automatic site deletion.

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Thx, that helped somewhat. Did move the site correctly though ánd it seems like I prevented the deletion also – noesgard Dec 15 '09 at 8:12
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Managed to move the site including versions (take a GOOD look at the options in export/import using stsadm). Initially I moved the site, but got 2 aditional (unwanted) versions added. After a few trials I managed to get only the original versions moved to the new site, off the personal site from which the data originated.

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